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Luke and Jessi Maness are both published writers and have works housed in catalogs of several publishing companies.

Two Birds Music – is the long time publishing company of Frank Dycus, and houses the co-written songs that Dycus wrote with Luke and/or Jessi Maness. Though Dycus recently passed on, his wife Mary still holds the publishing for Two Birds. The songs in that catalog include, but are not limited to:

  • “So Selfish”
  • “Whiskey, Vodka and Gin”
  • “Ice Cold Beer”
  • “Someone’s Still In Love With You”
  • “Uh-Huh, Alright” (a southern rock number)
  • “You Are The Last Love Of My Life”

Southern Signal Music held publishing on a song co-written by Jessi (and Ben Stacey – and Hannah Stacey), titled: “Make It Loud.” The song was released on Southern Signal Records, and was doing well in the Christian Rock market, until the closing of Southern Signal Records in the mid-2000’s, at which time the publishing reverted back to the writers.

Gosnell Music Group, LLC – Luke has several songs published by Gosnell Music Group, including the great song: “America’s Arms – It’s Not the Gun to Blame.” The  NRA would love this one. Can we say “theme song” anyone?

JessWho Music – is a privately held publishing company that houses much of Jessi’s catalog, as well as partial publishing on any new artists she writes with and produces.

Maness Mania Publishing – holds co-publishing on much of the material written with Frank Dycus, Jonathon Singleton, and a hand full of other co-writers.