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Luke and Jessi Maness have been writing songs together in Nashville for eight years, but they started their singing-songwriting careers separately.

Luke was raised in Tennessee, and he began singing in Church at the age of 8 years old. His songwriting career began when he was only 10 years old, when his brothers taught him how to play guitar and had him play rhythm guitar in their band. From there on, Luke was hooked. He wrote his first song at age 10 – then his 2nd and 3rd and so on… 
Luke’s dad had also been a singer and guitar player all his life, and as Luke grew up, he knew his life would also be grounded in music. As soon as he was able to do so, Luke moved to Nashville to pursue singing and songwriting as a career.

Jessi’s music career started early on also, when her parents sent her for piano lessons starting at the age of 8. Jessi’s three brothers were also given music lessons; one played guitar, one played bass guitar and the other played the drums. By the time Jessi was 14 years old, she and her brothers were playing band-gigs all around her hometown in western Maryland. She too got hooked on country music, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, moved to Nashville and began her writing, singing and producing career.

Shortly after both were in Nashville, Luke and Jessi met on the sidewalk in front of the “Wild Horse Saloon” where they discovered they both had a love for music and songwriting. They struck up a songwriting relationship – and soon their songwriting proved to be a “bonus plan” for both of them…as serendipitously, they’d found their voices blended very well together when harmonizing.

Luke and Jessi married in January of 2008, and together now they are growing deeper and wider into their music careers. They’ve worked with songwriter greats such as Frank Dycus and Jonathan Singleton and work regularly with name-brand producers, such as Robert De La Garza, (A&M Records / Starstruck, etc.) and Buck Jarrell (5 time Grammy Nominated engineer who has also received Gold & Platinum albums for his work with such artists and legendary songwriters as TG Sheppard, Tanya Tucker, Lori Morgan, Bobby Bare, Bobby G. Rice, George Jones, Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes, Hank Cochran and more!

For more info on Luke and Jessi’s music, email them at or find them on CDbaby or iTunes.